We Have A Problem

Hello, My Lovely.

As I type this email, I am riding in the car with David Radke. We have been in the car roughly 45 minutes and have hit the proceeding snags:

· Spilled coffee.

· David had the car Armoralled, and now everything we set on the dashboard slides off.

· We spilled coffee again.

· We forgot to see if anyone could pick up our kids from school. He was supposed to do it. I was supposed to do it. Someone is lying.

· And we have fought continuously as we drive to a Marriage Enrichment luncheon that I will be speaking at. (I hope no one there is planning on taking any notes.)

I could go on and on about the problems we have had just in the last 45 minutes. But let me tell you the biggest problem of all. You ready? He gets FURIOUS with me because I rarely ever help with the solution.

If the coffee spills, I flail my arms and cry. If Facebook won’t work, I throw the phone and damn technology. If my iPad slides off the dashboard, I cry when I can’t reach it anymore because it’s on his side. I am not kidding when I tell you…I am a PAIN in the butt. I know this, so save your emails.

But what has been true of me my whole life is still true of me today; if there is a problem – I am not your girl. When Vanilla Ice sang, “If there is a problem, yo, I’ll solve it…” I remembered thinking, “What a great guy. You wouldn’t get that kind of action out of me.”

Now, don’t get me wrong. I give GREAT advice. Need someone to meet you for coffee and tell you how to wear your hair? ME. Need someone to sit down with you and tell you how to parent your bad kid? ME. But if you have a flat and I see you on the side of the road, Imma pray for you.

Y’all, I’m in my 40’s, and sometimes I act like I’m helpless. I’M NOT HELPLESS. I am lazy. And there is a huge difference. Helpless means that we literally do not know what to do.

Landing a plane? Helpless. Doing an emergency tracheotomy? Helpless. Losing weight? Lazy.

See the difference?

The problem that you and I have is not that we are helpless when it comes to our weight, it’s that we are hopeless.

We’ve raised kids. We’ve put several through college. We’ve bought homes. We’ve fed our families. We’ve kept our dogs alive. We have started careers and gotten promotions. We have gone back to school and gotten our Masters. Trust me, we are not helpless.

But sometimes – due to our hopelessness in certain areas – we are lazy.

Is this you? Think about it. For just a moment think of all the things you’ve conquered, yet your health / weight isn’t one of them? How can that be? Why is that the thing you flail your arms and cry about? That isn’t who you are.

Please. If any of this sounds remotely familiar, would you join me on what might be the 5 most important days of 2021. The 5 Day Inside Out Challenge is not a weight loss challenge. If it was, it would be a lot longer than 5 days.

It’s a YOU challenge. It’s a ME challenge. It’s a reminder that who we used to be is still who we are. We are not criers or flailers or our own worst enemies. We are problem solvers and solution givers. We just thought we had hit an area in which there was no solution. Wrong. We’re only getting started.

I’ll see you there. Because if there is a problem, yo, we’ll solve it.

I Want To Solve It

Let's Do This,


P.S. Register for the 5 Day Inside Out Challenge now because we start this Monday, September the 6th, and you don't want to miss a thing! Click here for all the details on The 5 Day Inside Out Challenge.