Love is...

Love is that thing you fought for. It’s that thing (like the baby or the career or the marriage) that most people said would never happen. But you worked for it and look at you now!

Love is walking around an amusement park when it’s 108 degrees in the shade and buying a soda for $87, because your grandbaby wants to - and he only turns 11 once.

Love is turning off your phone and placing it face down on the table because you don’t want to miss one word they say.

Love is driving over to a friends house at midnight simply because she needs you.

Love is your sister kissing you because your mom yells, “CAN I GET ONE PICTURE OF Y’ALL BEING NICE TO EACH OTHER?”

Love is knowing that none of the things I’ve just written about matter if you are too sick, drunk, tired, or overweight to see them...hear them...touch them...experience them.

Love is deciding that you don’t want to miss one dang thing. You’ll do whatever it takes to walk her down the aisle, throw the graduation party, mark something off the bucket list, grow old with the one you adore.

Love has never - not once - come from the outside in. That’s lust.

No, love is from the inside out. It starts deep in the soul, and soon it flows out into your life in meaningful and healthy ways. That’s love.

Love is making the decision TODAY to do the work that leads to tomorrow.

Join me for The 5 Day Inside Out Challenge, where we will not be learning a diet plan, where we will not be learning an exercise routine, but where we will be learning how our body/mind/spirit play a part in us truly experiencing change.

Go to if you love something or someone enough to work your butt off for it.

Tell me: What/Who do you love enough to finally do the freakin’ work?

I Love YOU!

Love is...Me Doing This!

Let's Do This,

Melissa Radke

P.S.Join us for the 5 Day Inside Out Challenge while registration is still open