Built, Not Broken

I remember where I was...

When I was told to get off the ride because the bar wouldn’t close over me.

When my (ex) best friend told me that if I continued to put on weight my husband would start sleeping around on me.

When I heard a woman in front of me being offered a seat belt extender on a plane, and that became my biggest fear in life.

When I was sitting with friends at a concert on the lawn, and the chair I was sitting in broke.

I could go on...

I remember these things like they were yesterday because once they happen to us, they stick to us. Our stories stick around for years and years.

And we can lie under them, let them sweep over us, and drown us with grief.

Or we can learn from them, walk away from them, and thank them for what they taught us.

Every story I’ve shared with you today has not broken me but, rather, built me.

And yet, there are foundational issues and cracks that I am no longer okay with. My marriage is happy, my kids are healthy, my friendships are deep - but I want to be healthy and whole. I want to do the work.

Not so I can ride the rides.

Not so I can sit in the lawn chair.

Not for bathing suit season.

But because God didn’t bring me this far to leave me now. And He didn’t bring you to this place to not teach you what it was all for. So, let’s let Him.

I invite you to a completely FREE 5 Day Inside Out Challenge.

My “outside” keeps working to fix the broken boards and busted windows on my “inside,” but it’s a waste of time!

Swimsuits won’t heal me.

Smaller jeans size won’t appease me. Being as small as my girlfriends won’t be the answer for me.

Pre-packaged foods haven’t saved me.

Diets and programs haven’t cured me.

Real work is required.

Please consider joining me and some of the LITERAL BEST SPEAKERS AND INFLUENCERS in the area of body positivity, weight loss, food addiction, and more - for the 5 Day Inside Out Challenge.

After these 5 days.....anything AND EVERYTHING will be possible. This is my prayer for you!! I am believing it.



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